I'm so happy that you were patient and persevered with me - you really bought up my confidence, and I would never have passed without you . You're brilliant !! xx
Sian from South Oxhey - Dec 2012

Thanks so much ! Best instructor !
Patrick from Oxhey (passed 1st time) - Nov 2012

Thankyou Lisa You're the Best of course:-) 
Isobel from Abotts Langley (passed 1st time) - May 2012

Thankyou so much Lisa :-) 
Daisy from Watford -April 2012

Woooo amazing thanks so much for all your help !
Abbie from Bricket Wood- March 2012

This womans the best Driving Instructor ever !!!!!
Daniel from Bushey (passed 1st time) - Feb 2012

fantastic teacher!! thank you very much!! xxx
Helen from Oxhey Village (passed 1st time)- December 2011

Wonderful teacher and a lovely lady. Who knew lessons of any kind could be this fun :) thanks Lisa
Jack from Croxley Green (passed 1st time)- Dec 2011
Thankyou Lisa! Passed first time, I've already started to recommend you to people at the skatepark. Best driving instructor everrrrrr!
Nick from Oxhey Village (passed 1st time) -Oct 2011

Wooop thanks for everything Lisa :-D xx
Lauren from Abbots Langley (passed 1st time) - Oct 2011

Thanks Lisa. Quality driving instructor!
Jake from Oxhey Village (passed 1st time) - June 2011

Woo, go lisaaa :) Get lesson's with lisa, She got me through with just 1 minor!

Luke from Bushey (passed 1st time) - May 2011

Lisa is an amazing driving instructor! ♥

George from Oxhey Village 
(passed 1st time) 
 - February 2011


Conor from Bovingdon - February 2011

Many thanks Lisa...you are a star!
Olive from Bushey (passed 1st time) - February 2011

Lisa is a very good driving instructor, she knows what she is doing and is very easy to learn from.. She can also be quite funny :D
Jack from Watford (Passed 1st time) - December 2010

Did my first test about four years ago and failed miserably, but got it first time with Lisa. Great instructor. Highly recommended. Thanks Lisa!!
Lewis from Watford- November 2010

You are a very patient lady who has a lot of time for their students (compared to my Dad). You're very clear when it comes to directions. The car is easy to learn in. You always turned up on time for lessons. When I got flustered you calmed me down easily. You take things slowly when necessary and don't make me feel stupid for asking you to repeat something I wasn't sure about. I just want to thank you for giving me so much freedom and independence
Harry from Watford (passed 1st time) - September 2010

Lisa is a great instructor, she puts you at ease. Patient and kind. Always enjoy my lessons and learn something new in every one, x
Ben from Stanmore - September 2010

Best driving instructor you could ever want!!
Jake from Oxhey Village (passed 1st time) - September 2010

Great instructor :):) x
Rebecca from Bushey - August 2010


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